Youth Power in a Pandemic. State of Youth Civil Society Report 2022


Despite the enormous and unique challenges facing young people, this report shows that there is great strength and optimism in change being led by young people and youth civil society.

Youth civil society’s lack of confidence in formal power and rejection of traditional hierarchies has led it to rely on its own creativity and embeddedness within communities to be a powerful force for good. Without youth civil society, our communities’ recovery from the pandemic to date would have undoubtedly been held back. Youth civil society has been a lifeline for their communities: rebuilding economies, addressing mental health challenges, and pushing back against climate crisis inaction.

This report also shows that youth civil society’s efforts to help communities to rebuild are at risk. Youth civil society is severely threatened.

  • Global
  • Advocacy
  • Capacity building
  • Social issues
  • General public
  • NGOs
  • Youth

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