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All users of this website need to share the mission and ethical code of AIDS Action Europe. This type of engagement is established by an endorsed agreement on our website.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use you endorse our mission and ethical code. Herby you also accept the Privacy Policy, which clarifies the use, scope and purpose of the processing of personal data within our online performance. 

We consider engagement on a two-way process. It enables you to share your good practices at the European and Central Asian level while at the same time you can learn from other experiences.

Member organisations contribute to and promote AIDS Action Europe's political decisions, policies and programmes in their countries. Membership means commitment for action. If you are not a civil society organisation, we invite you to become a partner of AIDS Action Europe. Partnership is open to organisations working in the "first" and "second" sectors as well as international networks and institutions active in the field of HIV/AIDS in Europe and/or Central Asia.

We welcome voluntary contributions, financial or in-kind, from members, as we depend on external support to enable the partnership to develop further. Contact our office if you wish to become a sponsor.

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