HepHIV Conference 2023 took place on November 13-15 in Madrid. This year the conference focused on progress and implementation of integrated testing, new technologies and ensuring equity in the delivery of HIV, viral hepatitis and STI services. The other two focus points of the conference were stigma and discrimination, and mobile populations. 

At the Conference, AAE presented the poster “HIV Criminalisation in the EU: a Comparative 20 country report”. The poster is based on the EHLF HIV Criminalisation report, which was developed in two phases.

In the first phase in 2018-2019, the data was collected from 10 EU Member States. In the second phase, during 2021 and 2022 the data from the initial 10 countries was updated and collected from 10 additional ones. The report includes information on the impact of legislation introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as trends, developments, and expected changes regarding the criminalisation of HIV.

Another poster presented by AAE "Legal and Policy Barriers to the Provision of Community-based testing services in Europe and Central Asia". The project Community Led and Based HIV Services - Key to Ending the HIV Epidemic in Europe and Central Asia was developed in partnership with CEEISCAT and LILA Milano and ran for 20 months in 2022-2023 and focused on increasing, adapting, and improving community based testing services for HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis and other sexually-transmitted infections in Europe and Central Asia.