The AAE Member and Partner Meeting 2023 took place on November 4 in Berlin. 

Together with the members from across the region we reflected on what the most pressing needs and priorities of our membership are for the upcoming years. We discussed the situation and challenges of community-led service delivery, advocacy and monitoring in each national context, as well as what the most needed activities are within the 7 AAE core thematic areas.The discussion will lay the basis for the AAE work plan for 2024 and beyond. 

As a part of the Member and Partner Meeting 2023, Dr. Tobias Oliveira Weismantel gave an informative presentation on the upcoming International AIDS Conference 2024 in Munich. As the Co-chair of the Global Village, Dr. Weismantel informed AAE members on the details of the upcoming conference, application process and participation. After the presentation, the members discussed, how AAE as a network can represent the needs and work of the members at the conference.