AIDS Action Europe was established in 2004 and has grown to be one of the largest HIV-related networks in the region. Our network reaches beyond the borders of the European Union and covers all 53 countries in Europe and Central Asia. AAE is governed by a Steering Committee of 9 members, its office is hosted by the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe e.V. and based in Berlin, Germany. 

1. AIDS Action Europe Office

2. AIDS Action Europe Steering Committee

3. AIDS Action Europe Members and Partners


AIDS Action Europe Office

The AIDS Action Europe office is responsible for overall network management of AIDS Action Europe, and serves as the secretary for the Steering Committee. The Office is based in Berlin.  The network's linking and learning activities are also coordinated by this office. This includes the content management of the website and the Clearinghouse. Learn more about AAE activities here

AAE Office 2023

Meet the staff:

Executive Coordinator: Ferenc Bagyinszky

Project Manager: Oksana Panochenko

Project Manager: Nina Tumanyan

Communications Coordinator: Shabnam Abdullayeva

Program Assistant: Ismar Hačam


AIDS Action Europe Steering Committee

AAE SC 2023

The Steering Committee (SC) acts as the governing body of AAE on all programme issues related to policy, strategy, finance, monitoring and evaluation. A chairperson leads the AAE SC, facilitating the process of realising the mission and goals and makes sure that progress is made according to the guiding principles, the ethical code and the Strategic Framework of AAE.

The Steering Committee comes together twice a year and has six-weekly conference calls. MINUTES OF THE MEETINGS are published on this website.

The Steering Committee is composed by individuals from members or partners of AIDS Action Europe. The composition of the Steering Committee should be balanced in terms of HIV status, gender and geographic representation.

There is a fixed seat reserved for a representative of Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe (the host organisation of AIDS Action Europe).

Find here the terms of reference of the Steering Committee Member of AAE and AAE Steering Committee Election Protocol. Here you can find the terms of our current steering committee members.


AIDS Action Europe Members and Partners



Members of our network comprise a diversity of more than 400 NGOs, national networks, AIDS service organisations, activists and community based groups of people living with HIV. Each year AIDS Action Europe conducts Member and Partner Meeting to get input from its members and partners on strategic directions.

Membership and partnership is free and open to all. Before you apply, please read membership and partnership information here.

If you represent a civil society organisation (non-governmental, faith-based, community-based, patient-based organisation or a professional association or national network) based in one of the 53 countries of the European continent and active in the field of HIV/AIDS, you can register as a member of AIDS Action Europe.

Partnership is open to organisations working in the 'first" and "second" sectors as well as international networks and institutions active in the field of HIV/AIDS in Europe and/or Central Asia. Apply as partner organisation.

By becoming a member or partner, you endorse our mission and ethical code.

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