On December 10, after two years of online meetings due to the Covid-19 pandemic, AIDS Action Europe (AAE) organised its annual Member and Partner Meeting 2022 in Berlin to bring together members of the network and provide them with a space for discussion and exchange.

The meeting was made up of two parts: the meeting started with the welcome notes from the AAE Steering Committee Chair Christos Krasidis and AAE Executive Coordinator Ferenc Bagyinszky and after key note panels were conducted on three topics: 

  • Migrants and refugees in Europe
    Speakers: Olena Stryzhak, Positie Women Ukraine; Arman Sahakyan, New Generation Humanitarian NGO; Dominika Jašeková, ODYSEUS, and Marianella Kloka, Praksis
  • Harm Reduction and Access to HIV-services for people who use drugs
    Speakers: Marios Atzemis, Positive Voice; Sasha Gurinova, Deutsche Aidshilfe, and Alina Bocai, ARAS
  • Access to vaccines against MPX
    Speakers: Stéphan Vernhes, AIDES; Paweł Ziemba – Sister Mary Read, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and Sandris Klavins, AGIHAS


For the second part of the the participants divided into three working groups to discuss the topics highlighted during the panel discussions. 

After the working group discussions, all the working groups came together to share their findings, issues, and ideas and prepared information and questions regarding the situation in their countries with reference to one or more of the three topics.

-Migrants and refugees in Europe

-Harm Reduction and Access to HIV-services for people who use drugs

-Access to vaccine against MPX

It was particularly significant that the meeting was held on December 10, Human Rights Day. All around the world we are witnessing human rights violations, be that pushback in SRHR, unequal access to vaccines and health services, continuing criminalization of people who use drugs, attacks on LGBTQ +, violation of the right to live in one’s home, and unfortunately much more. We finish this year’s Member and Partner Meeting hopeful as the meeting let us reconnect with each other and understand the challenges and the strategies of our membership. With this knowledge and assurance, we are ready to continue doing our bit to fight for the human rights of all and #EndInequalities.