AIDS Action Europe is among more than 40  European and global organisations to endorse a community manifesto calling for the introduction of long-acting injectable PrEP in Europe.

The manifesto is a result of a consensus meeting held in Paris in March 2023 between regional and international HIV prevention organisations and activists including: AIDES; AIDS Action Europe; AVAC; Coalition PLUS; EATG; Fundacja Edukacji Spolecznej; GSSG – Germany’s Charitable Foundation Sexuality and Health; and PrEPster at The Love Tank CIC.

At the consensus meeting, four key pillars for pushing for new PrEP technologies were identified and agreed as a collaborative approach to increasing access to LA-CAB in Europe for people who need it. They should be operationalised in parallel, and in part facilitate broader access to PrEP, beyond LA-CAB. 

  • Pillar one: to push for the introduction of LA-CAB at the earliest opportunity
  • Pillar two: to push for national LA-CAB implementation projects while collecting data to inform guidelines for full scale-up
  • Pillar three: to advocate for the affordability of LA-CAB regionally and globally
  • Pillar four: to challenge the social and structural barriers to the introduction of PrEP

Read the full the Manifesto