Your responses to this survey will help us to map the level of inclusion of communities and community-based and –led organisations and other non-governmental organisations in the monitoring of the Dublin Declaration on Partnership to fight HIV/AIDS. This survey is part of the AAE project "Capacity Strengthening of Community-Led Monitoring (CLM).

Please fill out this short survey to the best of your knowledge.

The CLM project aims to strengthen the capacities of people living with HIV and their organisations for effective participation in community-led monitoring of HIV responses in EU Member States, with a particular focus on countries where community representation in monitoring is lacking. Alongside the informative webinar series that are open for all interested participants, we have planned various activities for this year, including a training workshop for people living with HIV from EU Member States where community-led monitoring is not adequately incorporated into national HIV/AIDS response monitoring. For the workshop participants (for organisations from the EU Member States, Iceland, Norway, Ukraine, or Moldova) with a support of mini-grants there will be an opportunity to develop a CLM-related advocacy project at the national level.