On November 10, 2020, we would like to invite all our members and partners to participate in our AAE Member and Partner Meeting online, from 10 to 14:30 (CET, Berlin time). The meeting will be conducted in two languages: English and Russian.

Use this opportunity and join our meeting to discuss and learn from member and partner presentations on the guidance for our future work, to participate, please register here: https://forms.gle/TAqhCF8ek883hi3fA

The meeting aims to review the feedback and suggestions provided in the consultation process, that will be included in our future Strategic Framework. The consultation process with member and partner organisations has been conducted in the last two months, you can find more information about it here: aaeconsultationeng Thanks to everyone, who gave us the opportunity to learn about their feedback on our work and ideas for our future! Based on the survey results, we have or are about to conduct working groups, on the following topics:

  • Community based voluntary counselling and testing – in English
  • Tackling stigma and discrimination – in English
  • Tackling stigma and discrimination – in Russian
  • Criminalization of HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission – in English
  • Harm Reduction – in English

We are looking forward to meeting you on November 10, 10-14:30h (CET - Berlin Time). 
Please register athttps://forms.gle/TAqhCF8ek883hi3fA