On this World AIDS Day, AIDS Action Europe joins the voices calling for support of community-led responses, recognizing that community leadership stands at the core of any successful HIV response.

The UNAIDS World AIDS Day 2023 report “Let the Communities Lead," once again highlights that only through supporting communities in their leadership roles can we end AIDS as a public health threat. The report highlights the voices of the communities and calls governments and international partners to provide unwavering support for community leadership.

We join the call for action to:

1. Making community leadership central in all aspects of the HIV response.

2. Providing additional resources for community-led programs.

3. Removing barriers to community leadership, upholding human rights, and dropping punitive laws.

Community leadership stands in the centre of AIDS Action Europe’s mission, values and activities. In this regard AAE is working together with 23 partners from 16 EU Member States on the CORE project - COmmunity REsponse to End Inequalities. CORE aims to reduce inequalities in the HIV, TB, and viral hepatitis responses by strengthening and integrating proven community interventions.