UK AIDS and Human Rights Project
UK Coalition of People Living with HIV and AIDS
UK Community Advisory Board (UK-CAB)
UK Consortium on AIDS and International Development
Ukrainian Institute on Public Health Policy
Union of NGOs working in the field of HIV and harm reduction in Moldova
Union para la Ayuda y proteccionVIH/SIDA
University of Essex, Right to Health Project
UNPLUGGED - Youth Association
Uranti ("Уранти")
USOP (Union of organizations of people living with HIV and AIDS of Serbia)
Vilnius Centre for Addictive Disorders (Vilniaus priklausomybės ligų centras - VPLC)
We For Civil Equality
Women's Alliance (Женска Алијанса) - Lesbian organization for human rights
Women's association "Demetra" (Ассоциация женщин и их близких уязвимых к ВИЧ "Деметра")
Women's Centre
XY - Association for support of people living with HIV/AIDS
Young generation of Tajikistan
Young Leaders' Army (YLA)
Youth action group “Healthy generation”
Youth centre of female initiatives (Молодежный Центр женских инициатив)
Youth for the right to live
Youth of JAZAS - Yugoslav Youth Association against AIDS
Youth Public Movement "Partner"
ZOBF "Council of Life" (ЗОБФ "Рада Життя")
ZOBF 'Support for prevention of drug use and addictions' ("Підтримки протинаркотичних програм та профілактики хімічних залежностей і СНІДу")
Ассоциация "Партнерская сеть"

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