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Sex Work & Mental Health: Overview of factors impacting sex workers' mental health and access to services in Europe and Central Asia

by The European Sex Workers' Rights Alliance

This briefing paper was developed as part of the pilot program aimed at supporting the mental health of sex workers. With the support of ILGA-Europe, ICRSE (now ESWA) offered a series of workshops and events to give sex workers’ activists in Europe and Central Asia an opportunity to discuss issues related to mental health, learn how to identify and address mental health crises in our community and support one another.

The briefing paper was developed based on consultation with members (e-consultation and focus groups). The paper looks into the factors impacting the mental health of sex workers, the obstacles to access appropriate mental health care for sex workers, and community-led initiatives to support the mental health of sex workers. In addition to the briefing paper, ESWA wrote a tool kit dedicated to organisations working with sex workers: “Supporting mental health and well-being in our communities: a tool kit for sex workers’ rights activists”.

The briefing paper is available in English, Russian, French and Spanish

  • WHO European region
  • Advocacy
  • Social issues
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Migrants
  • Sex workers

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