On May 11, 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that mpox is no longer considered a global health emergency, however it doesn’t mean that mpox is over. It was only a year ago, in May 2022, when we became aware of the first recorded cases in Europe. In response, the communities and community led organisations did an amazing job which helped to flatten the curve by the end year. Although there are still some open questions, but we know more than a year ago and we know what works and works well.

On May 16th AIDS Action Europe conducted a webinar on mpox to discuss reflections, lessons learned and sustainable strategies.

The great panel of speakers consisted of: 

  • Juliana Reyes, ECDC
  • Leonardo Palumbo, WHO
  • Will Nutland, Prepster/The Love Tank
  • Dr. Axel Jeremias Schmidt, Deutsche Aidshilfe
  • Miguel Rocha, GAT Portugal
  • Stéphan Vernhes, AIDES France

We have prepared a report of the webinar which you can read here

Below you can find the recordings of the webinar as well as the presentations of the speakers



This project has been made possible with the provision of a financial grant from Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd